Our cameras have been especially designed by us and are pre-loaded with 27 exposure 400 ISO genuine Fuji film and have an inbuilt flash for indoor and night time shots. We use quality new batteries so that your flash works perfectly right to the last shot.

All our cameras come with matching table cards inviting your guests to use the cameras and asking them to leave them on the tables at the end of the night so you can enjoy the memories too. Instructions for the use of the cameras are also included on the table cards. We also have I Spy A Photo cards so you can make a game for your guests out of taking photos from the list supplied.

A Master of Ceremonies speech is also supplied to let your guests know about the cameras and how to use them.

When you’re ready to have your photos developed you have the option of prints or CD’s or both. You can keepsake your prints in albums or have your photos digitally saved on to CD so you can email copies to all your guests or post your pictures on the web. With our pre-paid coupons your developing is processed to the highest standard by our quality partner company, who we have been working with for over 16 years.